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Mountain Trax Limited Fitting

You deserve a bike that really fits

Mountain Trax is pleased to offer a bespoke bike fitting service to give you that perfect fit. Let our qualified staff fine-tune your set-up for the optimum position. Whether you want more comfort, power, speed or aerodynamics - or simply want to buy a bike that actually fits you - we can help. Our bike fitting sessions enable you to:
  • identify the right size bike or frame to buy
  • achieve the correct fit on your existing bike
  • solve any niggly discomfort or fit problems
  • We offer a range of different fitting services, including:

If you want to know exactly what our bike fitting sessions involve, what you may need to bring with you to your session, or to schedule a fitting please contact Paul on 0118 976 1130 or email

New Bike Sizing Projection

We take five key body measurements to determine the correct frame size for your new bike. Using a fully adjustable bike jig we can then replicate any bike model and size to give a high confidence factor that the recommendation is a good starting point. Then, if you opt for the full bike fitting service we will make more detailed adjustments to find the ultimate fit and position for your chosen ride - whether that is road, triathlon, time trial or mountain bike.

Provided Free of charge with new bike sales, or to take the data away:£39

Your own Bike Fit

Your current bike maybe the correct size but you just can't get comfortable nor feel efficient. Perhaps a niggling ache or injury manifests itself on a ride and you can't identify the cause. Our bike sizing and fitting session will help to iron-out these problems. Your Fitter may suggest adjustments to your position which we see as an ongoing exercise that may take weeks or even months for you to reach an optimum, this is due to your muscle memory adapting slowly to the change. We'll make follow up calls and may ask you to return to make adjustments.


Cleat Alignment

If you've always fitted your cleats in the same way but still feel that yourpedallingaction is not quite right, we'll help youoptimiseyour cleat position and hence your pedal stroke. We can align both road andmtbcleats from many different manufacturers. Our tools can also determine and set the release torque ofSPDstyle cleats.

Price:£39, or£29as part of a Bike Fit